The Harp

Koch is manufacturing and distributing the original Harp Chair, designed by Arch. Jørgen Høvelskov, who was part of the golden age of Danish furniture architects and designers.

The Harp Chair was exhibited for the first time in 1963, and achieved the winning award for best design at the Copenhagen Companys of Joiners, which was one of the highest accolades at that time.

The chair was first launched by the name Viking Chair but later on, renamed to “The Harp Chair” by the journalists.

The Harp Chair has become world famous for its unique design, and is sold world wide.

In 2010 Koch got the full production, sales and marked rights of Arch. Høvelskovs Designs after two generations of fine Danish craftsmanship.

Because of past productions methods, the Harp Chair had undergone small changes through time, but has now been brought back to the original, according to the original drawings, and design.

From january 2014 all chairs will be added a new inlayed sign with logo, designers name and production number.

The Harp Chair is the first piece of furniture in the series of “Viking” products by Arch. Høvelskov. Our collaboration with Høvelskov family continues to grow and develop, and we look forward to celebrating the 50 year anniversary of the Harp Chair in 2013.  In conjunction with the celebration, a series of limited numbered chairs will be made available for january 2014.

All original Harp Chairs is handcrafted/manufactured in Denmark.