Koch Design Zoo

The original idea for the animals was created by the painter Bengt Koch during the end of second world war, where he created the Ostriches, a big Camel and other animals for his kids as painted wood toys.
This was a time when materials were scarcley available, and people were required to recycle and re-use the things close to them.

During 2012 and 2013 Rasmus Koch picked-up where his grandfather left off, and started to redesign the Ostriches and new designs of other animals in the same collection, not as toys, but as high-end collectable design-items for decor in the home.

In september 2013 we are proud to introduce the Ostrich family and our Elephants.

Ostriches: Oiled Walnut & Maple.
Design: Bengt Koch 1948-53 and redesigned by Rasmus Koch in 2012.

Elephant: Oiled Walnut or Maple.
Design: Rasmus Koch 2013

For more info: info@kochdesign.dk